Bentley Motors - The New Flying Spur

Photographer - Marc Trautmann
Agency - Keko London

Hi, I’m Roger was commissioned by Bentley and Keko/UK to produce a global launch campaign for the new Bentley Flying Spur. The campaign was realized on location in New York City, the Catskills, and the Hudson Valley area. These high-impact, CGI generated images were a culmination of 2.5 months of pre-production and one month of meticulous scouting. The objectives were to precisely match the time-of-day of creative comps with source locations which would reflect the refined, sophisticated, cosmopolitan image of the Flying Spur and Bentley’s unique vision for the vehicle.

The permitting process was the most complex we’ve ever done since it involved stopping vehicles entirely on the most iconic highways, bridges, streets, and intersections during the peak traffic hours: Something that required full cooperation from the mayor’s office and the special events police units. In some cases, like on the FDR Drive or the Brooklyn Bridge, it had never been done before during rush hours for any major motion picture, a commercial, or a still campaign.

Since the sunlight angle needed was so exact, we had to work within a very tight shooting schedule with a skeleton crew of 5 to 8, except on the days that required high police presence. Despite some location and weather challenges, including 2 days of tropical downpours and hail, all images were realized on time. Among the assets captured in the course of the shoot were drone stills and video, camera car stills and video, Russian Arm stills and video, along with Hi-Res backplates /accompanying spheres, and BTS footage.