Gena Sigala has been creating beautiful spaces professionally for over 20 years. As a stylist and set designer working with elite brands and private clients, Gena curates an experience and invites one to inhabit the world she designs through her thoughtful compositions.

As a young girl growing up in her beloved home state of Texas, Gena was influenced by the effortless style of her mother. She studied interior design magazines with her aunts, noticing every styling detail on the featured pages. Her desire and passion for styling and set design were undeniable and the quest to forge her own path in the industry was born.

Gena lives on a 45-acre ranch on the Central Coast of California. Her home provides abundant opportunities for discovery and creative evolution. Surrounded by natural beauty, organic materials, and limitless inspiration, Gena is constantly restoring and evolving her ranch into a living laboratory, devoted to comfort, ease, and inspired living.

Gena’s work tells a story. Her exquisite natural style and cultivated eye for unusual detail create a layered dialogue between objects and the environment. Her warm and welcome presence comforts and encourages clients to achieve their creative goals and elevate their brands. For Gena, collaborating with clients is not work, but her way of life.

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Gena Sigala - Prop Stylist & Set Designer