Porsche Cayman 718

Photographer - David Bruen
Director - Martin Grega
Client - Porsche

We were given an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the Porsche marketing team on a still and motion shoot to launch the new Panamera and Cayman 718 models. Since the actual models were top secret, all vehicles in the campaign were created in post-production via CGI, while shooting similar stand-in vehicles. Over the course of the 3-week shoot, we were overseeing simultaneous shooting by both the stills and video teams, along with the CGI team from Berlin. 

One of the primary objectives of the shoot was to find unique locations specific to the Porsche brand. The client requested us to be in charge of location sourcing, concept development, and execution strategy. In that capacity, we helped develop both treatments and storyboards for videos and handle all aspects of the production.