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  • Hi, I'm Roger - vw-atlas-usa-by-marc-trautmann

VW Atlas Cross Sport

Photographer - Marc Trautmann
Agency - Johannes Leonardo

This was a fast, furious, and very intense shoot. The entire pre-production, including casting, set design, location scouting, and permitting, took 2 weeks. During this time span, we were able to accommodate several shifts in creative direction successfully and the client's request to change the location from the Las Vegas area (to co-exist with the parallel broadcast commercial) to the Southern California desert.  We had crews standing by and ready to work in both areas. Otherwise, the days on set were long and exhilarating: building a Las Vegas set in the middle of nowhere, working with an electric camera car and a new drone crew, excellent food, and collaborating with a great team of hard-working and talented people, creating magic amidst the stark, peaceful and immense desert landscape. It never gets old!